how to help a spouse with depression
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5 Ways to Help Your Spouse with Depression

When your spouse is depressed, your marriage can become depressed. The sadness and illness in the family can erode the emotional intimacy and clouds your marriage/relationship with pessimism, resentment, anger, and isolation. You need to keep…
how to remain sober during coronavirus
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How to Remain Sober During Coronavirus COVID-19

Those who are in recovery for a substance use disorder are currently finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. Central to sustaining sobriety is the concept of social support, usually obtained through local recovery group meetings…
managing social anxiety
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4 Practical Ways of Managing Social Anxiety

What is Anxiety? By definition, anxiety is the body's response to stressful situations, and this manifests itself as a constant feeling of apprehension about upcoming events. While it is perfectly reasonable to be anxious ahead of a job interview,…