High School Athletes and the Opioid Epidemic
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Benefits of Starting Something New In a Life of Sobriety

On your journey to recovery after committing to a life of sobriety you will go through many changes in your life. Everything from your daily routine to your friend group and your personal hobbies will change. While these changes will take…
Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment
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Importance of Relationships for Women in Recovery

Relationships in a life of recovery are difficult for both men and women, but women face specific and unique challenges in their personal relationships. We have recently discussed addiction and how it affects women in different ways than it…
overcoming internet porn addiction
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How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed On A Journey of Recovery

When you embark on a life of sobriety you generally are making multiple large life changes all at once. In addition to ridding your life of addiction, you also face drastic changes to your relationship with your family, changing friend groups,…