how to remain sober during coronavirus
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How to Remain Sober During Coronavirus COVID-19

Those who are in recovery for a substance use disorder are currently finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. Central to sustaining sobriety is the concept of social support, usually obtained through local recovery group meetings…
staying sober

Challenges and Solutions for Staying Sober

Deciding to enter treatment for a substance use disorder is a huge, life-changing step. Making the decision to break free from addiction is not an easy one, as it entails a commitment to living a life in sobriety. Feelings of ambiguity always…
staying sober

Isolation and Sense of Loss During the Holiday Season

Many people feel an overwhelming sense of loss and isolation during the holidays, and those feelings and emotions can trigger a relapse and use of alcohol or drugs to mask the pain. Mental health challenges and addictive tendencies are heightened…