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What is Codependency? Recognize the Signs and Overcome It

In our last post we touched on what codependency is and how you can work to overcome it, especially when addiction is involved. Today we will be diving into this topic in even more detail. Codependency is defined as excessive emotional or…
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Having a Good Environment in House and Home

April showers bring May flowers. Having a beautiful environment in your home can go a long way in boosting your mental health and the mental health of your family. Luckily spring is a great time to deep clean your space and usher in change. Aesthetically…
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How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed On A Journey of Recovery

When you embark on a life of sobriety you generally are making multiple large life changes all at once. In addition to ridding your life of addiction, you also face drastic changes to your relationship with your family, changing friend groups,…