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Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation in Utah

Next Level Recovery is committed to your wellness plan, independence, sobriety, and long-term recovery from addiction. Your recovery program is built with our “whole-life” approach that includes relationships, career, health and psychological well-being.


Next Level Recovery in Utah – Treatment That Works!

Trusted, Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Center in Utah – Available 24/7

Recovery and Treatment

We integrate and design patient-centered care with a “village” approach. We connect our clients with our powerful team of caring, Master’s level clinicians to provide the most effective therapeutic services and modalities available. Our programs deliver evidence-based techniques, family and relationship support and positive peer-to-peer networking. We routinely collect feedback from our clients to continually improve our services.

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Sober Living Housing

We partner with Sober Living Properties and offer five sober housing locations. Each home is fully furnished with all the amenities. Our sober living homes in Utah offer a sense of home and structure. Our supportive team facilitates growth and continued recovery through peer-to peer support and life skills acquisition, including the connections needed to vocationally and professionally transition back into the community.

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Neurodiversity & Learning Challenges

Next Level Recovery has a specific program to assist with challenges associated with neurological differences. We support neurodiversity and differences that include: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and more. We utilize Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to deliver well researched treatment applications. Our programs improve the quality of: relationships, social-skills, vocational and professional engagement.

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Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in SLC, Utah is Affordable at Next Level Recovery.
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We give those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction answers, hope, and a positive way forward. If you have tried other programs and relapsed, Next Level Recovery offers a better way. Proven Long Lasting Addiction Treatment results.

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Pursuing Wellness – Why Choose Next Level Recovery

Utah Addiction Treatment & Rehab

We are committed to your wellness plan, independence, sobriety and long-term recovery.

Our Masters’ level clinicians deliver evidence-based outpatient treatment.

Our customizable treatment programs:

  • Incorporate strategies that support long-lasting recovery and sobriety
  • Offer flexible treatment plans that allow our clients to work and enjoy life as they undergo treatment
  • Are delivered in a relaxing (non-hospital) environment
  • Preserve our clients active, mobile, and productive lifestyles
  • Keep your life, job, and family in tact while you go through treatment
  • Exceed industry standards and completion rates
  • Utilize a strength-based approach that helps clients feel confident while conquering change and sustaining recovery

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Sober Couple Living Healthy Life in Utah - Next Level Recovery

Next Level Recovery is Conveniently Located in Salt Lake City, UT

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