High School Athletes and the Opioid Epidemic
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Benefits of Starting Something New In a Life of Sobriety

On your journey to recovery after committing to a life of sobriety you will go through many changes in your life. Everything from your daily routine to your friend group and your personal hobbies will change. While these changes will take…
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How the Outdoors Can Aid in Recovery and Sobriety 

Leisure activities are often a tricky topic for individuals going through recovery and sobriety. This is because leisure is almost certainly directly tied to your first time engaging in drugs or alcohol. As that addiction grew there is a high…
utah addiction center
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What to Look For in a High Quality Utah Addiction Center

On a daily basis people reach the turning point when they realize that an addiction is harming their lives. In most cases, arriving at this juncture is the end result of a tumultuous and self-destructive cycle of substance abuse or a harmful…