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The Treatment Team’s Roles and Impact in The Effectiveness of Addiction Treatment

Getting proper treatment is one of the best decisions that someone struggling from any form of addiction could ever make. Though this can often be the most difficult step, it is also the most important as seeking assistance can be considered…
rebuild trust after relapse

How to Rebuild Trust After Relapse?

The process of addiction recovery can be emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. Through an addiction treatment center, like Next Level Recovery found in Salt Lake city, people struggling with addiction, whether it’s alcohol addiction…
how to help an addict without enabling

How to Support Without Enabling Your Loved One in Recovery

It is second nature to want to help a loved one in times of trouble. The natural tendency to want to help someone you care for applies to parents, spouses, siblings, and friends, and it is a good thing. However, when a loved one is addicted…