Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment
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The Four Essentials to Having a Lifelong Recovery

Drug and alcohol abuse recovery is a long lasting journey. It involves an extensive day-to-day process of physical, mental and emotional restoration. It is comparable to picking up shattered pieces of a precious object, putting them back together,…
dui in utah
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Recovery After a DUI in Utah

If you or a loved one has experienced a DUI in Utah you are likely wrestling with the impact this has had on your life. Getting a DUI is a life-altering event that has significant legal and financial implications for the person involved. However,…
COVID-19 and Drug Addiction
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Understanding COVID-19 and Drug Addiction

Well there is nothing like a global pandemic to totally upend someone’s recovery journey. That’s right, the COVID-19 crisis has managed to disrupt pretty much the whole recovery support landscape—at least for while it did. Thankfully,…