Our 21st century society often associates qualities such as independence, self-sufficiency and sovereignty with success. We tend to view humans who appear to have a strong sense of autonomy – whether emotionally, physically or financially – as emblems of prosperity; and in some cases, as role models.

Society has taught us from a young age that when life gets tough, we need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and work hard until we find a solution. And although hard work is absolutely, 100 percent necessary to successfully navigate and overcome substance abuse issues, we’ve forgotten one essential part of the equation: We need to ask for help.

Reason #1: We’re Ashamed

Our culture turns a cold shoulder to the idea of asking for help – even when we desperately need it, and particularly when it involves addiction treatment. Substance abuse professionals dedicate large amounts of time to changing the stigma associated with addiction, but those who struggle with addiction still battle internally with strong feelings of shame. Unfortunately, these feelings can discourage individuals – particularly those who desperately need it – from asking for help.

Reason #2: We Don’t Believe We Deserve It

At Next Level Recovery, we’re passionate about restoring our clients’ self-worth. Addiction doesn’t just negatively affect the physical appearance and finances of an individual, but it also wrecks havoc on his or her self-esteem.

We know that long-term sobriety can only be obtained when our clients learn to not only accept themselves, imperfections and all, but to truly love and respect the person hiding beneath the false persona of addiction.

Reason #3: We Don’t Know Who to Ask

Asking for help takes courage. You deserve to live a fulfilling, beautiful life free from the burden of addiction. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing: Ask for help. If there isn’t someone close to you that you can talk to, our hotline is open both day and night – without shame, guilt or judgment.