Sobriety isn’t something attained by graduating a drug rehab program. Sobriety spans across the journey of a lifetime. While rehab may be the first step on this journey, those struggling with drug addiction will need support from friends and family as they continue after rehab.

If you have a loved one on this journey to sobriety, you will have a very important role in his or her life.

Accept Without Judgment

Struggling with substance abuse can be difficult because many families meet addiction with harsh judgement. This disapproval can be devastating to a recovering drug user. As a decent human being, be a better family member to you loved one in recovery. Don’t you want to see him or her happy and sober? Of course you do.

Do your best to refrain from negativity and criticism. Life is hard enough for a recovering drug user. What they need more than ever is love and support.

Create a Clean Environment

One thing you can do if you’re living with a recovering drug user is remove the temptations from your residence. This action won’t make relapse impossible, but it will make staying sober easier for your loved one. A clean environment is more than just a place without drugs or alcohol, but an environment that removes anything that triggers addictive behaviors. This could be certain kinds of movies or music.

Be a Good Listener

Your loved one in recovery is going through tough times. Ridding life of addictive substances is no small feat. You never know when your loved one will need to let off steam or just talk. Make sure you are available for them whenever they need to talk.

Be Patient

Recovering from drug addiction is a long and painful process, and not just for your loved one struggling with the addiction. It can certainly be painful for you too. You loved one is bound to relapse on some occasions. This can sometimes feel like betrayal, but never give up. Continue to support and help your loved one. It’s through this kind of loving relationship that will eventually destroy those addictive tendency.