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The Toll of Opioid Addiction in Utah

Opioid addiction has ravaged the nation over the last decade, with an astounding number of lives lost to overdose. According to statistics published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), deaths attributed to opioids rose from 8,000…
How to keep Addiction in check - A strategy for staying sober

How to Keep Addiction in Check

Recognizing you have a drug problem is a hard step in the recovery process. Likewise, staying sober after alcohol or drug rehab can be an equally difficult thing for most recovering users. However, if you set up a strategy and stick to it, recover…

Spring Cleaning Your Life

From the time you first become addicted to a certain substance to the moment you step out of an addiction treatment center you have to deal with the threat of relapse. Even after drug rehab, many people still have to deal with the temptation…