Your path in life was has been a tough one. When you finally graduated your drug rehab program, you made a promise to your spouse, your children and most importantly yourself that you would never again use any kind of mind-altering substance. Up to this point, your track record has been clean.

That is until your most recent trip to the doctors office when you found out that you’re facing a potentially debilitating disease. You’ve defeated an addiction that was going to kill you, only to be faced with a disease where the only way to fight back is by using substances. If you’re in this situation, what do you do?

Have a Conversation With Your Doctor

Substance abuse is a sensitive topic to discuss. Even bringing it up around family members can be rough. But when it comes to being diagnosed with an extreme illness, you need to be as honest as possible with your doctor. The first thing your doctor will probably consider is your history of substance abuse and your mental health.

Your physician will  likely be cautious about the kind of pain killers you can take as well as the amount, type and frequency of refills. As someone who is in recovery from a drug addiction, you need to consider whether it’s worth the risk to take prescription pain pills or not.

Reasons to Stay Sober

It’s takes an immense amount of courage to face your illness sober and not everyone can do that. If you choose to be brave, keep these three things in mind to stay strong.

First, turning back to your substance abuse may negatively impact your ability to fight the illness and complicate things further. Second, the future is unknown so don’t give up because your view is bleak. Finally, create a positive example for your family members. What do you want your legacy to be?