Misuse of Adderall On The Rise


Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These are stimulants that affect the brain and nerves to help control hyper activity and impulses. Adderall is easily abused and highly addictive. College students take this to help them study. Students are able to concentrate better and their alertness is increased. The amphetamine in Adderall makes […]

How to Structure Your Environment in Early Addiction Recovery


Seeking help when recovering from addiction takes both courage and strength. It is a life-changing decision. Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment center located in Salt Lake City that will help you transition from dependency to a healthy, substance-free life. Because Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment center, clients are not only able […]

Addiction and the Brain


Addiction can be exhausting mentally, physically and emotionally. It involves a craving for something intensely, loss of control over its use and continuing involvement with it despites negative consequences. We understand at Next Level Recovery that many people expect those struggling with drug addiction and alcohol addiction to jump out of it or tell them […]

How to Rebuild Trust After Relapse?


The process of addiction recovery can be emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. Through an addiction treatment center, like Next Level Recovery found in Salt Lake city, people struggling with addiction, whether it’s alcohol addiction or substance abuse, can get customized help to help them through the road of recovery. This can be a very vulnerable […]

Three-step program


Everyone recovers differently. Incorporate our three-step program into your recovery process.

Most Popular Addictions in the U.S


Most Popular Addictions in the U.S. During times of trials and afflictions, it can be easy to feel lonely and defeated. Especially with substance abuse or alcohol addiction, it can be easy for those struggling with addiction to feel like they’re the only one with a problem and that they’re working through this alone. Next […]

Using Social Media to Beat an Addiction


Battling any form of addiction can bring on many trials. It is best to face these trials with those who understand you. When deciding on an addiction treatment, don’t rule out social media. Social media allows us to connect with everyone and anyone around the world. It can be used as vision of hope during […]

Serious Health Risks of Frequent Binge Drinking

The effects of alcohol on a person vary from person to person. One person might be able to handle a lot of alcohol at once, but that same amount of alcohol could be overboard for someone else. In either case, regular binge drinking can lead to alcohol addiction and serious health problems. Heavy Drinking Damages […]

You Can Be the Life of the Party When You’re Sober

At one point you were probably the table dancing life of the party. When your addiction derailed you, things began to change. If you’re over 21, you’ve been through addiction treatment and you still hope to lead a normal life, you’ll probably be faced with temptation every now and again. Being able to survive a […]

Eliminating Bad Influences From Your Life After Addiction

You’ve spent your life trying to define yourself as your own person. Instead of hopping on to the latest trends you tried to establish your own path. However, the saying, “You are the company you keep,” remains to be true. The people you surround yourself with will influence who you become. For people in drug […]