rebuild trust after relapse

The process of addiction recovery can be emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. Through an addiction treatment center, like Next Level Recovery found in Salt Lake city, people struggling with addiction, whether it’s alcohol addiction or substance abuse, can get customized help to help them through the road of recovery.

This can be a very vulnerable time for not only those struggling with addictions, but for their loved ones as well. Through the process of recovery, loved ones may have feelings of betrayal, confusion and lost of trust –especially after a relapse. Rebuilding trust can be one of the toughest things an addict has to do in recovery, but it is possible.

Minimize Denial

Since the road to battling addiction can be long, hard and rough, those struggling with addiction can be very defensive after a relapse. They may feel like their relapse isn’t that bad, and since they are going forward a small step backwards won’t affect anyone that badly. However, to help regain trust, those struggling with addiction must acknowledge that they have hurt the people around them and admit they have made mistakes.

Ask for Forgiveness

A crucial step to regaining trust, especially after a relapse, is by acknowledging and understanding the pain that those struggling with addiction has caused their loved ones. Although it may be discouraging, addicts must be sincere and earnest in making progress and be patient but preserving when seeking forgiveness from loved ones.

Build a Routine

To many people, actions speak louder than words so those struggling with addiction should show their loved ones the steps they are taking to improve and re-gain their trust. Those struggling with addiction should build a routine, share it with their loved ones, and then communicate regularly and show them the process they are making.

Those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can feel helpless and defeated after relapse. They may sense they will never re-gain trust from their loved ones. However, addiction recovery and trust from loved ones is possibly from persistence, help from a treatment center, and effective communication.