You’ve spent your life trying to define yourself as your own person. Instead of hopping on to the latest trends you tried to establish your own path. However, the saying, “You are the company you keep,” remains to be true.

The people you surround yourself with will influence who you become. For people in drug addiction treatment, those people become more important than they ever were before.

Addiction Triggers

Your memories of your substance abuse days aren’t enough to bring you back to your past. Thinking of who you once were doesn’t have the power to unravel you. It’s the triggers that can shake you from your journey to sobriety.

Seeing your “old friends” can be a reminder for all the regrettable stuff you once did and the times you found yourself close to death. Spending time with these same people may push you back into your old behaviors.

Addiction recovery sounds so simple — you’re starting a new life and changing who you once were. Simple enough, right? But getting away from old friends and out of bad environments takes serious time and patience. Leading a normal life begins with eliminating the bad influences from your life.

“Misery Loves Company”

If they contributed to your addiction then sorry, they weren’t really your friends. Your old “friendships” need to be put on hold until they make the decision to clean up their own lives. You can’t be responsible for their choices.

The hardest part after drug addiction treatment is finding the right way to say goodbye. First, make it clear that you are a different person. Share your goals with them and prove that you have no time to allow addiction to interrupt that. Don’t make concessions, and don’t hang around them.

Spending time with the wrong people can be detrimental — keep your sobriety as your top priority.