Spirituality is an abstract idea that is hard to talk about and even harder to master. That being said, it is vitally important to work on your spirituality while on a journey to rebirth.

Spirituality looks different for every individual. Some people find their connections within organized religion, while others are more comfortable finding their spirituality in nature. 

Regardless of how you see spirituality, working towards a spiritual rebirth is key to your life of sobriety. It helps you separate the past and the present while teaching you to understand and reflect on the world around you. 

As mentioned above a spiritual rebirth is an extremely abstract idea, so what will it look and feel like? 

“Spiritual Rebirth means that you have the potential and the ability to reach Higher Consciousness in this lifetime. That is, to awaken the Goddess within and consciously reunite your mortal self with the Divine Source.”

Spiritual rebirth will look slightly different for everyone, but for most people, it is a three-stage process. Initially, you will become relaxed and your mind will be quiet. This will help you stay in the moment without clouding your mind with thoughts of the past or the future. 

Now that you have learned to clear your mind and focus on the present you can move on to the next stage. That stage is connecting with the environment around you. You will feel a connection with the people and nature that surrounds you. All of these connections, no matter how small, will bring you joy and happiness. 

Finally, you will come to a realization that you are not really connected to everything around you, but instead, you are a part of everything and it is a part of you. 

While these stages will look mildly different for everyone based on personal beliefs and understanding of the world, the stages will mirror these ideas. 

Now that you understand roughly what to look for during the stages of rebirth it is time to start down the path of a spiritual awakening. This is an intimidating process but the following steps will help you start to get in touch with yourself and the world around you. 


Let Go of Your Ego

Ego is a product of our thoughts that everyone has to deal with. It can have negative effects on all of the relationships in your life. Whether that relationship is with other people or your spirituality, it is vital to control your ego to move forward, become calm, and start your journey towards a spiritual rebirth.


Stay Honest with Yourself 

Staying honest with yourself is never easy, but it is imperative that you are as honest as possible with yourself as you work towards a spiritual rebirth. Being honest with yourself is the first step in being able to open your mind and change the way you look at things. This ability to be open to a new perspective greatly increases your ability to look at the world and spirituality through a new lens. 


Learn to Forgive 

Forgiving both yourself and the people that have hurt you will clear up space and energy within your mind for growth. With this newfound space, you will be able to focus more clearly, relax more deeply, and better embrace the ideas presented to you while looking for a spiritual awakening and rebirth. 


Embrace your Fears 

Similar to learning to forgive yourself, embracing your fears will clear up mental space and energy to grow spiritually. Fears often put up barricades and prevent you from doing things that deep down you really want to achieve. Often the biggest difference between spiritually open people and those who are struggling with spirituality is the ability to embrace and address their fears. 


Practice Mindfulness 

The two most popular and effective ways to practice mindfulness are yoga and meditation. Both of these actions keep you grounded, clear your mind, and help you connect with the world around you. Simultaneously it helps you look in on your own thoughts in an objective and critical manner. All of these things will lead you towards the 2nd and 3rd stages of spiritual rebirth. 


Travel and Pray 

While prayer is closely tied to organized religion, its ideas can be expanded to spirituality as a whole. Prayer involves focusing on things that are important to you and thinking about them critically. Meanwhile, travel mirrors the pilgrimages encouraged in religion because it helps you change your perspective and understand where you fit in in the world.


Open your Mind to Love

Opening your mind to the idea of loving and being loved in a complete sense will further enable you to achieve peace and tranquility. These feelings will allow you to better connect with higher powers and the world around you as a whole. The idea of love is constantly being challenged throughout life, so this is will be an ongoing battle that you must face on the path to enlightenment. 


How Should the Journey Feel? 

Working towards a spiritual rebirth is a blurry and difficult process that is different for everyone. This checklist is designed to help you feel like you are working in the correct direction. That being said it is important to remember that all of this is just a guide, following your feelings and personal beliefs in addition to this list will go a long way in helping you achieve rebirth and awakening. 

Along your journey, you will find yourself evolving and changing constantly. While you change you can look for these feelings and benchmarks to provide yourself with assurances that you are on the right path. Some important feelings to look for are:

  • A noticeable decrease in stressful feelings about the future or the past 
  • Looking at life in a more childlike and joyful way 
  • Feeling more at peace with your thoughts and emotions 
  • Noticing an increase in compassion and empathy 
  • Feeling more wholeness and connection to the world 
  • Feeling a lack of isolation and an increase in positivity 
  • Feeling content and thankful with the things you have 
  • Experience more enjoyment from nothingness and quietness 


While everything discussed above will get you moving in the right direction and help you on your journey to spiritual rebirth, there are no hard and fast rules. Make sure you do not get hung up on small details of the process. Instead, stay focused on the final destination of becoming spiritually reborn and simply use these tips in a way that works for you.