In order to be reborn, you have to focus on healing yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially. Focusing on all 5 of these areas is the main idea behind holistic healing. Many people focus too much on one aspect of their being, and as a result, the other aspects start to fall behind.

It is far more effective and helpful to consider all parts of your being at once while healing. A holistic approach allows you to break down walls and heal things that you may never have known needed healing before.

To start thinking about healing from a holistic perspective it is important to understand all 5 parts of your being that can be broken, healed, and eventually reborn.



The tangible nature of your physical body often means it is something you have focused on more throughout your life. Physical health is by far the most commonly discussed aspect of health throughout the world. As such, there is an excessive amount of readily available information about your physical body and how to heal it.

In fact, there is so much information that it is actually difficult to figure out what physical health information applies to you. Intermixed with a lot of good information exists information that is more harmful than good.

While every person has a uniquely specific set of guidelines that will work best for them, there are some over-arching ideas that will help you start your journey to being physically healthy.

A great place to start is to work on sleeping 8 hours a night, this will give your body time to heal and recover in the short term, and encourage it to become stronger over time. Next, you should start focusing on eating a healthy diet. While this does not mean you have to give up all unhealthy foods right away, it is important to start working towards a healthy diet step by step.

Similar to a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol is a huge step towards physical well being, for many people this an extremely difficult step that you have already faced head-on or at least started to consider.



Emotional health is all about your ability to control your daily emotions and feelings. While emotions can often feel overwhelming and unavoidable they can be controlled and embraced by a well-trained mind. Emotional health is important because it can affect your mood, decision making, and even physical health.

While everyone’s brain works differently, there are few steps that have a high percentage chance of helping you boost your emotional health.

The first step is to limit stress in your life. Often people achieve this by setting clear boundaries between work and relaxation time, not over-extending themselves financially, or simply reflecting on their stresses and keeping a journal to ease the effects of stress.

Remember your personal and professional support systems can help you immensely when it comes to emotional well-being. Never hesitate to reach out to therapists or close personal friends that you trust, sometimes just talking about your daily stresses can be a huge relief.



Mental health overlaps with your emotional and physical health in many ways. While your emotional health involves short-term mood and emotions, your mental health focuses more on your brain’s ability to make cognitive decisions over long periods of time. Meanwhile, your physical health needs to be in order for your brain to function how it can and should.

Once you have started working on your physical and spiritual health you still need to keep your mental health in tip-top shape.

To do this it is vital to search for problem-solving situations that challenge your brain in a healthy way. Things like reading, thinking creatively, and doing puzzles work on your brain much like exercising works on muscles. The more you do it the more your brain makes important connections and continues to get stronger.



Spiritual health is sometimes a tricky one for people to focus on. While spirituality is often thought of hand in hand with organized religion, your spiritual health does not have to tie into religion at all.

If you are religious, taking time to practice your faith is a wonderful way to maintain your spiritual health. If your ideas of spirituality extended past the parameters of organized religion, then simple acts of taking walks in nature, practicing yoga, or meditating are common ways to maintain a healthy spiritual being.



While social health feels the least personal of the 5, it is still an important aspect of healing yourself.  An in-person connection can go a long way in growing your personal happiness and can greatly enhance your chances of feeling whole on a daily basis.

A good way to find more in-person interaction is to find an activity that is well-loved by a tight-knit community. For some people this involves joining an adult sports league, for others book clubs or dinner groups are a great option, and often religion is a nice place to find a trustworthy social circle.

No matter what your social circle ends up looking like just remember that connecting with other individuals on either a personal or casual level is an important step towards rebirth through holistic healing.


The Process of Holistic Healing 

Now that you understand the different aspects of holistic healing it is time to start considering them on a daily basis and working towards a total rebirth. It is important when embarking on this journey to remain realistic, change and rebirth is a long slow process that may not look how you imagine it.

Your body will change but maybe not in the way you think, your control of your emotions and how you experience them will change, your relationship with spirituality may even change. Once these things change your social interactions will look and feel different and so will your mental health and decision making.

While all of this change is intimidating and scary it is important to remember it is all part of a healthy journey towards rebirth. This journey to rebirth could have started when you chose to battle your addiction and become sober, it could have started yesterday when you started researching the idea of healing and rebirth, or it could happen a week from now as you think about the new information you have learned.

No matter where you are in the process it is important to always stay focused on the different aspects of your health and how they interact with each other. While it is easy to get caught up thinking about losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle from a physical sense, it is vitally important to remember that your mental health also has a huge impact on your physical health. From there you remember that your spirituality helps your brain handle and process emotion and you are reminded that everything works in unison.

If you stay strong and continue to remain positive but critical of yourself while on this journey towards rebirth you will be able to figure out how your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health works together.

While you will never master the relationship of these 5 aspects you will become extremely proficient in keeping yourself balanced and healthy. This understanding is the key to your rebirth.