Seeking help when recovering from addiction takes both courage and strength. It is a life-changing decision. Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment center located in Salt Lake City that will help you transition from dependency to a healthy, substance-free life. Because Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment center, clients are not only able to live at home and continue their current work schedule, but also seek help for substance abuse.

It is important to structure your environment in early addiction recovery so relapses don’t occur. It will also help you find a routine and create consistency during addiction treatment.

Simplify Your Schedule

It is important to be sure you aren’t overwhelming yourself. If you have so many things to do such as chores, assignments and tasks, you may feel depressed or upset when you are unable to complete everything.  This may cause pressure and create an easy excuse to relapse. Create a simple schedule that consists of only the essentials. By doing this for the first couple of weeks, it will help you get back into a routine.

Clear the Clutter Around You

This is an easy way to create structure in your environment. Whether it is around the house or at work, it is important to clear the clutter around you. This is where you spend most of your time. You will want to make it an inviting environment by keeping it clean and organized. Start with your room. Be sure all clothes and shoes are picked up and organized. Vacuum the room to make it extremely fresh. Move on to the other rooms you spend a significant amount of time in and be sure they are inviting as well.

Make a List of Goals

Make a list of goals will help structure a healthy environment for you. Make a list of goals you want to achieve within the next week, month, year, five years and 10 years. This will help you create short-term and long-term goals. Creating a list of goals will help you stay motivated to stay sober and continue in addiction treatment.

Pay Attention to Your Diet, Sleep and Activity

A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone but especially important for those trying to maintain sobriety. Taking care of yourself is important when creating a healthy, structured environment. Getting a good rest, eating good nutritional food and exercising regularly will help you recover during addiction treatment. It will help during the early days of recovery when you are feeling down on yourself. If you keep your body healthy and keep up these healthy habits, it will be easier to maintain sobriety.

These are a couple of ways to structure your environment during addiction treatment. It is important to focus on yourself and what is best for you. Cater some of these ideas to fit your lifestyle best and continue on the path to recovery.