At one point you were probably the table dancing life of the party. When your addiction derailed you, things began to change. If you’re over 21, you’ve been through addiction treatment and you still hope to lead a normal life, you’ll probably be faced with temptation every now and again.

Being able to survive a party where alcohol is present is a valid concern. By putting a plan into action before you walk in the door you can start to enjoy the simpler things in life without stress. Be the sober life of the party.

Pre-Party Planning

Before you even leave the house you should consider what type of party you’re going to throw in order to determine the type of preparation necessary. If grandma is turning 90, you probably don’t need to stress.

However, if a coworker who isn’t familiar with your alcohol addiction invites you to a New Years Eve party, there may be a problem. When entering an environment where drinks will be flowing, bring a friend who will stay sober with you.

If the temptation becomes too strong, this person can be your excuse to leave early if you plan it out beforehand. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to have fun in sobriety.

At the Party

You don’t have to tell the world about your alcohol addiction. Instead, utilize the “replacement strategy.” Know exactly what drink you’ll go to throughout the night — whether it’s club soda with lime or simply a bottle of water. By serving yourself with exactly what you decided to consume, you eliminate the middleman and the chance of a slip up.

Don’t be afraid to bring your own fun. Rather than judging the inebriated people around you, bring a board game, music or a camera. You can still socialize. Heck, your presence may make this the best party of the year.