Strength based

Strength Based Treatment

Strength based treatment for those in recovery can be a challenging and rewarding experience.  We have already touched on the many benefits of exercise in recovery and the strength building aspect simply accentuates those efforts.  As we talked about, exercise creates real change in the brain.  It impacts cravings and can be an effective way to remove some of the more common stumbling blocks on the road to treatment and recovery.

Adding strength training into an exercise program has multiple physical and mental benefits reaching far beyond the weight room.  While the objective of a recovery based strength building program is not necessarily to increase the size of one’s muscles or overall physique, that will be an added benefit along the way.  The challenges to both your body and your mind will have impacts well beyond your expectations.

Be Strong

One of the main benefits of a weight based recovery program is the added strength to the tertiary areas of your body.  If you are focused on your arms, for example, you will find that the surrounding muscles will benefit from the work you are doing.  A simple “curl”, “push-up” or “pull-up” will also strengthen your shoulders, lower back and abdomen.  Your lower back and abdomen are also impacted when you are focused on your legs.

Recovery Helpers

These “helper” muscles come into play much like your own support system while in recovery.  The lower back is clearly not a muscle group that gets much attention (at the beach), but is critical to the success of nearly every movement of your body.  If you have injured your back in the past, you know exactly to what I’m referring.  Your family offers support in similar, and often unseen, ways.  Their strength is part of what helps you continue on your journey and conquer this challenge.

Another added benefit of strength based addiction treatment is the increased mental fortitude you will inevitably develop.  If you have already started your exercise program, or already had one in place, you know and appreciate the hard work it takes to continue on with your plan.  On those cold, rainy and otherwise unpleasant mornings, it is nearly impossible to get out of bed, much less to head to a gym!  With the addition of weight training, you will learn that you really CAN get that one extra rep off the ground.  You really ARE capable of lifting more weight than you previously thought.  And you really DO feel better when you choose the gym over the couch.

To Close

Exercise on its own carries a fantastic set of benefits both in and out of recovery.  Adding weights and a strength based treatment program will send your health, your resolve and your general attitude into high gear.