Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Work On Addiction and Recovery

Autumn is a season of transition where people enjoy the last of the good weather and nature starts to prepare for a long cold winter. Autumn can also be a great season of transition for people beginning or living a life of addiction or recovery. Whether…
one step at a time recovery
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One Step at a Time

Taking One Step at a Time toward a Sober Future My favorite thing about walking into town, rather than driving, is that I can only take one step at a time in order to reach my destination. I can look around and enjoy the sights or I can talk…
one step at a time recovery

Recovery through Writing

Recovery through writing helps you become more aware You don’t have to be a writer to use words as a tool for self-exploration. As a recovering addict, self-exploration is necessary. By becoming more aware of the subjects that play on your…