Recovery through writing helps you become more aware

You don’t have to be a writer to use words as a tool for self-exploration. As a recovering addict, self-exploration isRecovery through Writing necessary. By becoming more aware of the subjects that play on your mind every day, you can monitor the control they have over your actions.

Recovery through writing example: You feel like your boss doesn’t like you. He treats you differently than other employees and tends to give you the crummiest projects. This makes you feel hurt and you know that your work performance has suffered because you always feel uncomfortable at work.

By writing about your feelings, you can explore your perceptions. What is your boss doing to make you feel this way? Could there be other reasons for the unequal treatment? How could you improve your work performance and turn things around?

Recovery Journaling through writing is the result of understanding yourself

Recovery through writing happens when you use writing to investigate your emotions and your actions with honesty and openness. Recovery through writing is possible when you use it as a tool to discover why you feel difficult feelings, forgive those people who you believe have caused those feelings, and take on the responsibility and challenge of healing your own hurt feelings without blame.

One way to begin the practice of recovery through writing is by writing freely for five to ten minutes. Write about whatever topics are concerning you today. Don’t edit while you write or allow your hand to leave the page. Just write and see what appears on the page.

When you are done, read what you have written. What feelings have you uncovered? What words did you use? What would you like to explore more?

recovery journalingYou can continue your exploration through “free writing,” or through a longer recovery through writing session, or through conversation with friends, a therapist, or a therapy group.

Recovery  Journaling through writing is a daily opportunity for self-exploration

By writing every day, you give yourself the chance to learn more about yourself, your fears, your feelings, your road to recovery through writing and your potential.