Battling any form of addiction can bring on many trials. It is best to face these trials with those who understand you. When deciding on an addiction treatment, don’t rule out social media. Social media allows us to connect with everyone and anyone around the world. It can be used as vision of hope during recovery.

Here are a few ways social media can help you battle the struggles of addiction.

Online “Cheerleaders”

During your recovery process, it is important to make connections with either your friends, family and those going through the process of addiction treatment. During your treatment reach out to the online world and find some virtual cheerleaders. Patients fighting addictions all across the world can connect with each other and support each other through the process. Following patients from your rehab center on social media platforms can help you keep each other in check and not reverse all of your work.

Avoid Negativity

Every social media platform has the power to put out a positive or negative messages. During your treatment it is best to avoid all negativity. Negative messages may delay your progress. Posting and seeing positive content online will put you in a better mood. Being in a positive state of mind, will lead to positive feelings during treatment. When it comes to following people on social media, only follow those you support and who support you.

Connect to Your Resources

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allows you to connect with lots of people. These people can be friends, family, those going through addiction and even doctors. Friends and family can connect you with positive messages and individuals who can help you. Connecting with those who are facing a similar addiction provide knowledge on their addiction and treatment plans that have worked. Doctors can connect you with treatment plans, knowledge about your specific addiction and drug rehab centers. Almost 90 percent of doctors are active on many forms of social media and are always willing to talk.