Beating a drug or alcohol addiction can be hard work and it can be difficult getting sober and remaining sober. During addiction recovery, cravings may pop up, which is totally natural. This is due to the fact that after having an addiction to a certain substance, your brain functions a bit differently.

Learning about your personal triggers is a key part of drug or alcohol rehab. Listed below are some ways to keep your cravings in check during your addiction recovery.

Know Your Triggers

During drug or alcohol rehab, you will become accustomed to knowing what your personal triggers are. To keep your cravings in check, it is essential to be aware of what your triggers are so you can limit your exposure to those things. Make yourself an escape plan if you ever find yourself in a situation where your trigger may arise.

Stay Busy

Keeping busy is another way to keep your cravings in check. For many people recovering from addiction, boredom can be a trigger for relapse. If you pick up a hobby, read for fun, socialize with likeminded individuals and exercise you will have an easier time beating your cravings.

Acknowledge When You Are Experiencing a Craving

Acknowledging the fact that you are experiencing a craving is also a good way to beat a craving. Knowing that it will pass is important so you cannot give in. Focusing on your goals during this time is also a good way to keep said craving in check.

While acknowledging your craving, you can call a friend or family member to talk it out. You can do this if you need support or just simply want to take your mind off of the craving. If you are experiencing this you can also give Next Level Recovery’s 24-hour help line a call at (888) 759-5846.

At Next Level, we strive to help anyone who is experiencing addiction. We want to help you create a better life for yourself and finally kick that addiction to the curb.

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