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Remembering Carrie Fisher: A Woman Who Changed How We View Addiction

Carrie Fisher, who passed away on Decemeber 27, 2016 following a massive heart attack, was an iconic woman best known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. However, Fisher was more than just a talented actress who stole the hearts…
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Drinking Among Teens and Women is Increasing

Targeted marketing ads are flooding the minds of women and drinking among teens and women in increasing.  Marketing ads that are conveying messages that show mothers taking a "mommy time-out" with alcoholic beverages is one campaign that is…

How to Keep Cravings in Check

Beating a drug or alcohol addiction can be hard work and it can be difficult getting sober and remaining sober. During addiction recovery, cravings may pop up, which is totally natural. This is due to the fact that after having an addiction…