addiction therapist
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Addiction Therapist and Treatment Elements for Recovery

Like any other specialized service you might be seeking, the quality of the service provider, whether it is for an auto repair, a dental cleaning, a chiropractic adjustment, or a facelift, the quality of an addiction therapist matters. It is…
how to remain sober during coronavirus
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How to Remain Sober During Coronavirus COVID-19

Those who are in recovery for a substance use disorder are currently finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. Central to sustaining sobriety is the concept of social support, usually obtained through local recovery group meetings…
how to remain sober during coronavirus

Recovery through Writing

Recovery through writing helps you become more aware You don’t have to be a writer to use words as a tool for self-exploration. As a recovering addict, self-exploration is necessary. By becoming more aware of the subjects that play on your…