Three Things to Do Instead of Drugs


If you suffer from a drug addiction, it can sometimes be hard to focus on things fully because of the voice in your head that keeps your mind focused on your drug of choice. There are a lot of fun and enjoyable things you can do that to take your mind off and away from […]

High School Athletes and the Opioid Epidemic


In America, we are currently experiencing a drug problem larger than we have ever seen in history. From 2010 to 2016, there was a recorded 493 percent increase in people diagnosed with opioid use disorders. Facing this crisis as a country has been increasingly difficult because of the stigma attached to getting help with drug […]

Drug Overdose


The number of people dying from drug overdose continues to rise. Make a change and find a drug rehab center near you.

Celebrities That Gave Up Drugs and Alcohol


Celebrities often seem like they live life to excess. Many famous men and women had or have problems with alcohol or drug addiction. Celebrity news network seem to regularly air stories about stars and their encounters with the law over substance abuse. Although this may appear to be the standard for the rich and famous, […]

Can Drug Addiction Be Completely Cured?


There’s a stigma surrounding drug addiction that separates it from other physical diseases. People think that because you chose to participate in substance abuse, you must also suffer the consequences of your actions. Though the initial decision to take drugs is voluntary for most people, repeated drug use can lead to brain changes that interfere […]

Blogging in Recovery


There is not a single person on the face of this planet that shows as much bravery, dedication and perseverance as those who are in recovery for their drug addiction. One of the most difficult parts of adult life is admitting you were in the wrong and looking for ways to fix it. As you […]

Managing Depression During Addiction Recovery


During a drug or alcohol addiction, you are not truly dealing with any depression you may have. Using alcohol and drugs is essentially a very unhealthy way to numb your feelings, in which they can come out during addiction recovery. Managing depression during addiction recovery can be hard work, but below are some tips to […]

The Benefits of Outpatient Recovery Centers


Outpatient drug rehab centers give effective counsel and addiction treatment while those in recovery continue working, studying and daily living. Inpatient centers provide housing and structure away from home which may be a temporary escape from addiction. Once those with addiction leave inpatient centers, they must learn to overcome addiction as they go about work, […]

Why Single Parents Have a Harder Time Beating Addiction


Being a single parent can be stressful, plain and simple. As a single parent, you are dealing with your children without another person to help you out financially or emotionally. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders as you are supposed to be giving your child a life that they would have […]

Managing Expectations Throughout a Lifetime of Addiction Recovery

Expectations can be a dangerous thing. Your loved ones that are struggling with drug addiction are looking to you for approval. If they fail to live up to your expectations, it is possible that they give up completely. This isn’t to say you should not expect eventual sobriety from your loved ones, but you shouldn’t […]