Retaining sobriety doesn’t just happen after you leave an outpatient rehab facility. On the contrary, it’s essential that you become actively involved in the sober community in order to stay safe, clean and sober. Anyone who has suffered from substance abuse knows that boredom is a huge factor in addiction and relapse — which means that the recovering person needs to stay involved and busy. The sober community in your town or city can provide plenty of resources for you as you fight the good fight of staying sober.

Participate in Sober Sports Leagues

Sober sports leagues are a fantastic way to meet new people, get exercise and be encouraged by people who have struggled with substance abuse. In Salt Lake City alone there are several different types of sober playing leagues, including softball, volleyball, soccer and others. Check online to find out what’s happening in your sober community sports leagues. You might be surprised to discover that there’s a sober group for your favorite sport — whether it’s running, biking, soccer or something non-serious like capture the flag.

Check Out Sober Meet-up Groups

Additionally, there are several sober meet-up groups in the city that get together to do sober activities on a regular basis. Meet-up groups provide people who struggle with substance abuse the opportunity to enjoy non-alcohol or drug-related activities while forging new friendships, learning about other people’s lives and, most importantly, staying sober.

12-Step Meetings Are Always Happening 

Although not everyone enjoys 12-step meetings, they are a great way for combating cravings and urges to relapse. In almost every city, there are 12-step meetings going on from the early morning hours (sometimes as early as 8:00am!) to the late hours of the night (sometimes as late as 10:00pm). Regardless of what city you live in, there’s a great chance that there’s a 12-step meeting happening near you.

Resist the cravings and fight the urges by getting involved in your sober community.