When trying to transition to life after rehab, being social is a difficult feat to conquer. You have to find new hobbies and friends to spend time with. The pressure of changing your life once more can be enough to drive a person to isolation.

However, “A trouble shared is a trouble halved.” The quote that has been around for lifetimes and it’s the perfect reminder to stay social for those freshly out of addiction treatment.

Communities and Support Systems

As humans we are social beings who build communities and support systems. We need people to laugh and cry with. When you isolate yourself you make it so the burden is yours to bear alone. By sharing that burden with a few trusted people we find it easier to stay away from old habits and instead keep our eyes on the prize of sobriety. Create a support system that holds you accountable for your actions and pushes you to better yourself.

The Limits of Willpower

For anyone who’s been through addiction treatment, you’ve probably heard the barbershop metaphor. Essentially, if you stay in a barbershop long enough, you’re going to end up getting a haircut. We all have limits to our willpower. By surrounding ourselves with friends who have healthy habits, it’s a pretty good bet that we’ll pick up those habits and be healthier as a result.

Breaking Up

Upon leaving drug rehab centers one of the first steps toward rebuilding is eliminating negative relationships from your life. This can mean that you have to make the significant life change of leaving a beloved relationship. When your life is disrupted, it can create a void that you will be tempted to fill with bad habits. Reach out to people who will help you feel strong and capable of handling the worst situations.

Through the power of friendship, we can accomplish anything.