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There are times on our treatment and recovery journey when our own mind can be our worst enemy and you just want to reset your thoughts. Just when we believe we are on the right path, negative thinking can invade and destroy everything we have tried to build up.   Sobriety and freedom from drugs involve a long and difficult journey. Resetting your thoughts can make a world of difference when it comes to drug and alcohol treatment and recovery.

Negative thinking

It may not be too long on your road to recovery before you begin to sense old thoughts creep in. Lies like, “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough” are false and harmful. These unhealthy naggings need to be replaced with the truth, which is that you are worth each step and you can achieve what you have set out to do. It does not mean there will be no setbacks-we all have those-but it does mean you have tomorrow.

Negative emotions

Old wounds are easily dredged up, which can be followed by the weight of anger and a bitter spirit. The worst thing you can do is turn to old addictions in order to ease the negative emotions that may rise up. Do not allow these dangerous emotional thoughts to simmer. Instead, reset your thoughts, taking all of the old emotions and sorting them out. Past hurts can often run deep, but they do not have to control your life or your choices.

If you do not work to reset negative thoughts, you may find yourself turning to drugs or alcohol once again, in order to gain a sense of control over your emotions. That is why resetting your thoughts is so important to the recovery process. In interviews with individuals who struggle with addiction, they often cited negative emotions as a reason to use again. There are solutions, and you can learn how to deal with this challenging aspect of recovery.

Stinking thinking

Behaviors such as blaming others, complaining, labeling, and being judgmental are all parts of an unhealthy thought process. Everyone has negative thoughts from time to time; the key is resetting those thoughts and turning them into something positive. For example, instead of blaming someone else for a something that happened in your past, reset that thought into how your past has shaped you into who you are today. When you want to put a label on another individual, instead take that negative thought and search deep for something good about that person.

In Closing

The journey of recovery takes a lot of work, support from others, soul-searching, and determination to keep on the path. Your thought process has a huge impact on your recovery and treatment; as soon as old wounds, negative thoughts, or negative behavior begin to creep into your mind, deal with them quickly. Your days on earth are worth far more than the effort it takes to feed negativity and stinkin’ thinkin’.  Take the time today and work on a strategy to reset your thoughts.

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