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The road to recovery is an extremely difficult journey, and now that you have addressed and received professional help for your addiction you get to embark on a new journey. Being willing to reach out for help was a great start on your journey to recovery, but there is still work to be done to maintain your happiness.

As you embark on a life of recovery you will find yourself happier and more fulfilled, but the journey will not be a smooth one. Major life events will throw a wrench in your plans and test your newfound lifestyle. No matter how committed and comfortable you are in your new life you can be tested in ways you never imagined.

No matter how strong-willed or committed you are to a life of sobriety there will be times that test your ability to avoid your vices. In order to fight back against these feelings and reduce your chance of a relapse, it is important to treat yourself well. The happier you are before you are faced with adversity the better chance you have to fight against temptations.

To keep yourself happy and in a good place, it is important to prioritize your own feelings and happiness. The process of treating yourself with love and respect looks different for everyone, but the following list is an excellent place to start.


Set Aside Time For Yourself

Life can get busy and overwhelming for everyone, even more so when you are going through a life of recovery. To keep your head clear and your mind working properly it is vital that you set aside time for yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you do during this period of time and it is helpful to explore different activities that leave your mind at ease while bringing you joy and relaxation. Separating yourself from stress and slowing down from the rigors of everyday life will go a long way in making you feel in control.

 Remember, the most important part of recovery is you. No one has control over your life like you do, and taking time to prioritize yourself will help you remain in control.



Sometimes just thinking about activities that bring you joy can be a great use of your time. Brainstorming how you want to spend your free time can be a joyful activity in itself, and it will eliminate stress while helping you optimize your free time in the future.

To guide your brainstorming it can be beneficial to make some light and attainable goals to guide your leisure time. Think about trying to progress in an old hobby like painting or writing, read a certain number of books, or put your phone down for an extended period of time.

No matter what your ideal day looks like it is important to think critically about how you can make the best use of your free time.


Seek Out Professional Help

There is a wide variety of professional advice and programs that exist in the world. For some people being able to talk and learn from a professional takes a lot of stress out of the recovery process.

Therapists can help keep your mind at ease, nutritionists can help you live a healthy and energetic lifestyle, and naturopathic doctors can help you make a plan to live holistically. Whatever you feel will benefit you on a daily or monthly basis is a great place to start.

Remember that professionals exist to help you take control of your life and thrive while in recovery. They shouldn’t feel mandatory or like a chore, they should simply help you stay positive, focused, and happy.


Avoid Stress

Work, personal relationships, and everyday life can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. The free time you set aside for yourself is a great time to take back control and eliminate stress. Turn off your work computer, separate yourself from responsibility, and try to completely relax.

Working to eliminate the stressful aspects of life helps a lot with your personal self-care. A popular way to eliminate this stress is to not put too much pressure on yourself to maximize your free time. Sometimes weekend getaways and road trips can seem like a great idea but can actually add more stress.

Setting aside time for simple things like an afternoon nap, a long walk, or even just a warm bath can lift the weight of the world off of your shoulders with very minimal effort. It is important to think critically about what makes you feel happy and at ease and pursue that, no matter how small or insignificant the activity seems.


Stay In Touch With Yourself

 You cannot fight back against your negative thoughts and feelings without understanding how you feel. Identifying what is making you feel bad and understanding how it is actually making you feel will help you feel your best.

Focusing on getting negative emotions out of your system will help you relieve stress and properly take care of yourself. No matter what your negative emotions are or what is causing them, taking the time to focus on yourself and address your emotions will go a long way in helping you remain happy, focused, and thriving in recovery.


Self Care

These fairly accessible and simple self-care ideas will go a long way in keeping your mind clear and at ease as you navigate the waters of a life in recovery. The more time you spend on yourself the better you will get at making the right choices for yourself.

Some people thrive by piling up their free time full of involved activities, while others do better by setting aside time to sit on the couch and relax. Experiment with different ideas and see what works best for you.

You will know that you are making the right choices when you feel at ease and free during downtimes. Obviously, there are outside variables that can affect how you feel, but in the end, it is you and those closest to you that control your happiness.