Have you ever wondered what happens when a person enrolls in a drug rehab center? If you are considering going to rehab and are in the Salt Lake City area, you should go to Next Level Recovery. Next Level Recovery is an outpatient rehab center that will help you every step of the way to find an addiction treatment program that works for you.


Outpatient rehab begins with staying a few days on site so that you can be under supervision while you detox. In a short amount of time (varies depending on what the substance abuse problem was with), the substance will have left your body. This is when withdrawal symptoms will start in earnest. The intensity of symptoms will depend on a few different variables — amount used, frequency, the length of use and genetic factors. Being under supervision during this detox time allows you to be in the safest place possible. Our staff is trained to handle all sorts of situations.


The next step for most patients will be therapy. Different styles of therapy are effective for different people and for different addiction treatment programs. We will work with you to find out your triggers are that make you want to start using again. People, situations and places can all be triggers. The goal of therapy is to teach you alternative ways of dealing with stressors and different activities you can engage in.


The third step is the longest one. It goes from the end of your outpatient care and continues forever. Many people find benefit from enrolling in a 12-step or similar program that helps keep accountability high. Counseling can be used as it is needed to help with changing situations or difficult stretches of time.

Drug addiction treatment needs to be altered to the needs of the individual. Some people find benefit from getting out of their current living situation and living for a time in a sober living house. Our success is you, so we will do what we can to get you to where you want to be.