Which Personality Types Make Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is different for everyone who goes through it. Each person has a unique set of personality traits that might make it harder or easier to recover from addiction. Addiction treatment will help people identify which personality traits are holding them back. People who tend to hold onto grudges are not likely to move […]

During Outpatient Addiction Treatment


You’ve made the leap and are now ready to seek out addiction treatment options. You don’t want to end up in any old drug rehab while you are trying to get past this hurdle in life. You want a recovery plan that feels like it’s been tailored perfectly for you. The reality is that you […]

Three Warning Signs of an Addictive Personality


Whether you, a friend or a family member have struggled in the past with substance abuse problem or alcohol addiction, it is imperative that you can recognize the warning signs of an addictive personality and know what to do about it. Here at Next Level we are committed to helping people continue forward and find […]

Popular 12 Step Programs Around Utah


Addiction treatment comes in many forms, and for many individuals, a 12 step program is an effective way to start the addiction treatment process, or continue treatment throughout recovery. A 12 step program follows the 12 basic steps but can be modified and altered to fit the needs of different groups of individuals — thus […]

Laughter as a Tool in Recovery


Laughter is considered the best medicine in almost any kind of situation. Does the same ring true when it comes to addiction treatment as well?

How to Help Your Loved One Accept Recovery


Recovery is often too hard a decision to make on one’s own. As a close loved one, you have a unique opportunity to be an anchor in someone’s life. When substance abuse has gone on for too long a time, it can be difficult to break the habit, even when one wants to break it. […]

Does Addiction Fade With Age?


Many of those who are struggling with addiction are only doing so because they were introduced to substance abuse as a teen. Whether they first drank alcohol at a high school party or were given drugs while partying with close friends, those who are attempting to overcome addiction find it difficult to get away from. […]

The Benefits of Outpatient Recovery Centers


Outpatient drug rehab centers give effective counsel and addiction treatment while those in recovery continue working, studying and daily living. Inpatient centers provide housing and structure away from home which may be a temporary escape from addiction. Once those with addiction leave inpatient centers, they must learn to overcome addiction as they go about work, […]

Staying Sober This Easter


Staying sober over any holiday can be hard work. While you are most likely going to gather around friends and family who could potentially drink, spending any holiday sober can be challenging for anyone who has gone through addiction treatment and is now in recovery. Below are some tips and tricks to getting through this […]

Why Single Parents Have a Harder Time Beating Addiction


Being a single parent can be stressful, plain and simple. As a single parent, you are dealing with your children without another person to help you out financially or emotionally. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders as you are supposed to be giving your child a life that they would have […]