Matt –

“I’ve been battling addiction for 38 years now. I lived with my parents until I graduated high school at 17, and then moved out and lived with my friends. My parents were always very supportive and took care of me. I was always employed, I had 3 jobs over the 38-year time period. All my relationships were very superficial.

My darkest point in my addiction was 5 months prior to my most recent jail visit, which was 3 years ago. Very soon after I was released, I decided it was time to seek help. I attended 3 other addiction recovery programs before Next Level Recovery. I believe these programs failed me because you get treatment, and then get out to go back to the same environment and people you were around to start with. There was no support.

At first, I put off coming to treatment, and I went to see my family, and I felt anxious. I was Anxious coming in, then relieved and felt great immediately after arriving. I began to connect positive influences in my life around the 1-month mark of being at Next Level Recovery. I was employed the entire time I was at NLR, but the employment opportunities I was given after attended were great.

My schedule at the house looked something like this; work, breakfast, lunch, work, group therapy, dinner, bed, repeat. I am a set schedule guy, so I enjoyed this set schedule at the house. I always felt very comfortable at next level recovery. I also saw quite a few other success stories while I was there, probably 80% short term, and 40% long term.

When getting ready to leave NLR, I felt scared, I was off probation and I had to create and keep new habits. But I was very confident in my support system. I felt much better equipped to stay abstinent after leaving, and now my home life is excellent!”