LDS offer’s Spiritual Healing

Sobriety through LDS Hope, Integrity, and Belief

lds2The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints offers a message of support and healing

Your personal will is a strong force against drug addiction, but drug addiction is a powerful and determined foe. Many people feel as though they should be able to overcome addiction alone, but there is no reason to go it alone when you can recover with help from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints referred to commonly as LDS and from Christ. (more…)

Addiction Prevention

Relapse and Addiction Prevention Addiction Prevention2

It is important to understand that drug addiction is a chronic disease. By understanding the chronic nature of drug addiction, it is possible to frame addiction as a lifetime condition that requires persistent treatment.

Drug addiction creates a compulsive desire to use drugs despite harmful consequences to the user’s personal health and well-being as well as the health and well-being of their loved ones. Drugs change the brain over time, affecting the user’s self-control and decision-making abilities and causing an intense desire for continued drug use. (more…)

Spouse Addiction

spouce Spouse Addiction: A Family in Crisis?

My friend Susan married her high school sweetheart. When I met her, they had been married for fifteen years and seemed to be going strong. He had a good job and she had a part-time gig she enjoyed and four kids that kept her busy.

After I had known her for about a year, she mentioned that Rob was changing. He was going to work in the morning, but he didn’t get excited about work the way he used to. He didn’t seem to be as engaged with the family either. Each weekend he would retreat into the garage and work on the cabinets he had started for the kitchen remodel. And, without fail, he would have to go to the hardware store for something he had forgotten at least once. Sometimes twice. She had asked him a few times why he needed to leave so often, and he reacted with anger, so she had given up. (more…)

Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling

Successful Addiction Counseling Treats Underlying Causes

Successful addiction counseling does not focus on addiction alone because addiction rarely comes alone. Addiction is the outward manifestation that something has gone wrong and is most often a coping technique used to deal with an underlying condition. The underlying condition could be anything from persistent sadness to bipolar disorder. (more…)

Heroin Addiction

The Road Leading Away from Heroin Addiction

You didn’t fall into heroin addiction because you wanted to. Heroin filled a need or seemed like fun at the time, you tried it, and you succumbed to heroin addiction over time. Does this make you a bad person? Does heroin addiction make you any weaker than your neighbor who never tried a drug in his life?heroin road

Regardless of your gut reaction to those questions, the fact is that you are not a bad person because you became succumbed to heroin addiction. Maybe you have done some bad things since you began using, but that is another matter and you have the power to apologize for and make amends for the things you have done. You are no weaker than anyone else around you. You made a bad decision and, in case you hadn’t noticed, you’re not the only one. You are here because you want to stop making bad decisions… (more…)

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery begins when you take responsibility for your addiction. Addiction recovery becomes easier when you reach out for help.

Whether you are recovering from an addiction to heroin, alcohol, or another opioid, your choice to enter addiction recovery treatment is a life-changing decision. By taking this important step, you are giving yourself a chance to work on the underlying causes of your addiction so that you can successfully walk a road toward addiction recovery.

next 1Treatment that is Convenient for Your Lifestyle

When you work with our Next Level Recovery treatment center, you benefit from the flexibility and convenience of outpatient addiction recovery therapy. You can continue to work and enjoy your life as you undergo addiction recovery treatment. This is not a hospital setting, so you visit the clinic for treatment at a set time and the rest of your day is yours to spend as you choose. Our addiction recovery program allows you to stay active, mobile, and productive, to allow you to heal in the environment where you are most comfortable. (more…)