Addiction is scary and for those deep in its grips, reaching out for help can be terrifying. Perhaps you have found yourself at rock bottom. Perhaps you desperately want to find lasting happiness again. Though you may know that rehab is the best step for you to take, confronting your loved ones can stressful and scary. Addiction treatment can save your life if you let it, you just have to be brave enough to take that first step and ask for help.

There are several ways to approach your family when telling them that you need professional addiction treatment. Each family is different, so tailor your approach to your specific situation. With a few basic underlying principles, your plea to your family and friends will certainly be heard.

Be Transparent

Addiction is not a pretty subject, so do not waste time beating around the bush. If you need addiction treatment, say so. Do not exaggerate or under-sell your struggle. Be honest and completely transparent. This transparency will create a trust that you will need to rely on throughout recovery.

As your family and friends ask questions, be transparent and honest in your responses. 

Be Thoughtful

Think about what you want to tell your family before you start talking. A little preparation will help all of your discussions run smoothly. Think about the message you want to send and the feelings you want to portray. Make sure your message matches your sincerity and desires.

Be Prepared

Sometimes, well-meaning families resist a cry for help as a defense mechanism. Though it can be hurtful, if your family resists, try not to take it personally. For some family members, it is challenging to hear that a loved one is struggling in such a way and lashing out is a coping mechanism.

As you continue on in patience, know that you family will come around. Take the opportunity to verbally ask them for support as you enter addiction treatment. Addiction treatment can give you a new lease on life if you let it — so take that first step and reach out for help.