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Serious Health Risks of Frequent Binge Drinking

The effects of alcohol on a person vary from person to person. One person might be able to handle a lot of alcohol at once, but that same amount of alcohol could be overboard for someone else. In either case, regular binge drinking can lead…
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You Can Be the Life of the Party When You’re Sober

At one point you were probably the table dancing life of the party. When your addiction derailed you, things began to change. If you’re over 21, you’ve been through addiction treatment and you still hope to lead a normal life, you’ll…

Eliminating Bad Influences From Your Life After Addiction

You’ve spent your life trying to define yourself as your own person. Instead of hopping on to the latest trends you tried to establish your own path. However, the saying, “You are the company you keep,” remains to be true. The people…