Routine is often frowned upon. Knowing what you’re doing day in and day out doesn’t necessarily fall under the “adventurous” category. However, for those battling drug addiction each day, routine can be the saving grace that leads them to a life of sobriety.

Why Routine?

Being sober for the first time can feel overwhelming. The new reality with no chemical escape is a lot to deal with. In drug rehab centers a common coping tactic that is taught is the method of developing a routine. By coming up with your list of tasks performed regularly, you leave little up to chance. This is the way many people avoid relapse.

As with anything good in life, there can also be the issue of dependence. You’re a person who’s already exhibited addictive behaviors to survive each day. Some people will wane back into that mindset as they pick up new hobbies and habits. Allow yourself to be flexible. Don’t be scared of changes to your routine if they’re conducive to your recovery.

Good Routines to Get Into

A routine brings structure, stability and comfort in the continually changing dynamic of life. This familiarity will contribute to a smoother transition from drug addiction to a new normal.

A good daily routine includes the specific times you’ll wake up, go to work, come home and go to bed. Always figure in time to exercise or practice new hobbies. Most importantly, leave time for recovery group time and journaling to keep you accountable.

Establishing a routine can be done with ease if you create a weekly plan with no gaps for boredom. Give yourself some leeway in finding what you enjoy doing — try new hobbies. Avoid the places and people you once went to in order to satisfy your addiction.

The road to recovery doesn’t have to be a treacherous one if you put in the effort and plan ahead.