how to have self control

Self-control is a key element when going through any type of recovery. Alcohol addiction can plague anyone from Salt Lake City to the City That Never Sleeps. Having self-control during your recovery process will make recovering easier, especially when it comes to saying no. Here are a few things that will help improve your self-control during recovery.

Plan Ahead

To strengthen your self-control, make sure to plan ahead for tricky situations. For example, if you are heading to a party or social gathering where alcohol will be served, have an escape plan. Your options may be bringing a friend who is aware of your addiction and is willing to help you avoid drinking or coming up with a few responses prior to the event that you can say to those who are offering you a drink. You can even pour your own non-alcoholic drink such as a Sprite, fruit punch or club soda with a lime, this will limit the chances of someone offering you a drink.

Practice Self-Control

Similar to how exercising can improve your muscles, practicing your self-control can improve your willpower. You shouldn’t only practice self-control when it comes to your alcohol addiction. Apply it to other parts in your life like your eating habits, leisure time and the habit of procrastinating. Practicing your self-control throughout your life can make it easier to say no to alcohol.


Mediating during your alcohol addiction can improve your self-control. The art of meditation is the clearing of the mind, soul and focusing on accomplishing a set goal. You are able to focus on saying no and starting the journey to your recovery. Meditation also relieves stress, boosts your immune system and makes you more aware of your own mind and body.

The chances of relapse during recovery decrease once you become aware of your own self-control.