Addiction and substance abuse are major problems in the United States. Many people who really should find a rehab center unfortunately do not. According to a survey that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration conducted, 90 percent of people who need to go to drug or alcohol rehab do not actually go.

Drug rehab centers have proven to help people struggling with addiction to beat even the biggest addictions, so it is important to go if you have a problem with addiction. At Next Level Recovery, we have helped many different people with intense addictions.

We give treatment that is convenient for your busy life and allow for flexibility, which can help recovering addicts in the long run. This allows you to recover in an environment that is comfortable for you.

Assisted Detox

Rehab programs can help beat even the biggest addiction because they bring support. At Next Level Recovery, we facilitate treatment for addiction that works. Addiction treatment begins with medical assisted detox, in order for recovering addicts to get any trace of drugs or alcohol out of their body.

Symptoms from withdrawals can be intense, so it is important to get medical help while going through them.


Therapy is next for those who go to rehab, which usually involves educating the previous user about all of the triggers that may lead them to a craving or relapse. Therapy teaches recovering addicts how to cope with any kind of triggers that may lead them to relapsing.

Support Groups

At Next Level Recovery, we also use maintenance as a step to recovery, which will in turn help even the biggest addiction. This involves 12-step meetings while also going through individual therapy. The combination of meetings or support groups while also keeping up on your own personal therapy has proven to be successful in the journey to becoming sober.

Rehab is definitely recommended for anyone with addiction, even if you think your addiction is too aggressive to beat.

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