Expectations can be a dangerous thing. Your loved ones that are struggling with drug addiction are looking to you for approval. If they fail to live up to your expectations, it is possible that they give up completely. This isn’t to say you should not expect eventual sobriety from your loved ones, but you shouldn’t set the bar too high either.

Be Realistic in Your Expectations

Even though you want your loved ones to kick drug addiction as soon as possible, they may not be ready to meet that kind of expectation. Addiction treatment takes time. Holding your loved ones to an impossibly high standard does more damage than good. Instead, take a realistic approach. Know that your loved one might suffer relapses once or twice. Don’t show your utter disappointment when this happens, but be there as support.

Never Assume Your Loved One Is Cured

Even after successfully completing drug rehab, your loved ones can still relapse. The addiction never really goes away, so don’t expect it to. Being supportive of your loved ones is a life-time calling. Don’t abandon your loved ones just because they “got clean.” They still need your support because the temptation is always going to be there. Do everything you can to help them live a fulfilling lifestyle without drugs or alcohol.

Sometimes a Neutral Attitude Is Best

It sounds heartless, but sometimes it’s best for your loved one if you take more of a neutral stance with your expectations. Being overzealous can create a chasm between you and your loved one because they might feel like you are judging them. If you remain neutral, it may keep your loved one closer to you even if it takes them longer for them to recover. Remember that being neutral about your loved one’s addiction doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you are patient and willing to stick with your loved one for the long haul.