Youve made the decision to live a sober lifestyle — congratulations! You may notice, as you embark on your journey of sobriety, that there are several differences between you and other people who dont live a 100 percent sober lifestyle —  people who don’t view alcohol and drugs with the same threat level that we do. There are several major reasons for these two very different approaches to drugs and alcohol, and how they affect individual addiction treatment.

 Sober People Are Perpetually Mindful of Drugs and Alcohol

Sober people are always mindful of drugs and alcohol. This is perhaps one of the biggest differences between those who choose a lifestyle of abstinence from substances and those who dont struggle with addiction issues. Those who have sought addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol know that they have a tendency to go from zero to 100 in no time flat — which means that theyre on the extreme end of the spectrum, to an extent. But fortunately, sober people come from all walks of life, ensuring that you never have to struggle through sobriety alone.

Different Brains Are Wired Differently 

The human brain is wired differently for every human being; particularly for those who have chosen to abstain from drugs or alcohol. For many people who have chosen to engage in an actively sober lifestyle with the help of an addiction treatment facility, we know that our brains react differently to drugs and alcohol than other people. We know that were unable to have just one”  for whatever reasons. Were either all in or all out — a direct result of how our brains are wired to interact with substances. 

 Alcohol and drugs also affect us differently; perhaps its via intense cravings or a desire to drink until we black out. Whatever the cause, its pertinent that were aware of how our brains react to these substances and, more importantly, how we can learn to control our unhealthy impulses regarding these substances of choice.