Few people are aware that alcohol addiction can ultimately damage your sight, causing alcohol myopia. Alcohol myopia is effectively short sightedness, which besides the loss of sight can also lead to loss of focus. Our brains become less and less able to process peripheral cues the more alcohol is consumed. This also causes the brain to think the body is dependent on alcohol, which is where addiction comes into play.

There are several effects that come with alcohol myopia. It is important to understand the symptoms that come with it to make sure people are aware of the dangers of alcohol addiction. This can hopefully get individuals affected the help they need from an alcohol rehab center.

Attention Deficit

The amount of information that an individual can process is extremely limited when affected by alcohol myopia. Just like it limits your sight, the individual faced with two competing motivations will only be able to focus on one, usually the most immediate choice.

Impulsive Behavior

Those under the influence and affected by alcohol myopia can often find it difficult to resist impulsive behavior. These individuals often find themselves taking part in activities that will grant them immediate pleasure and gratification. Alcohol rehab should be considered by those who fall victim to impulsive behavior to keep them safe.


Aggression can be a major problem when it comes to alcohol myopia, as alcohol narrows the person’s attention to provocative cues. When a violent situation arises, the victim is blind to rationality.

People often enjoy drinking because it allows them to feel as they are living in the moment. With the increased focus that an individual gains with things that are right in front of them, it may be addicting to get used to the feeling of being focused, which ultimately leads to addiction.

Consider a rehab center if you notice an increase in drinking to achieve myopia. You may be able to focus on immediate motivations, but you’ll be blind to everything else.