If you are anything like us you are probably asking “What is Quantum Sunshine?” Don’t worry it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Quantum sunshine is simply the idea that through life’s ups and downs you are able to maintain an unrelenting feeling of long term happiness and positivity.

This abstract idea is something when mastered will lead to a more enjoyable life experience that offers higher lows and higher highs. There are almost no downfalls to quantum sunshine. Not only will it allow you to be happier it will actually allow everyone around you to be happier as well.

Chasing quantum sunshine is an exceptionally good life choice when living a life of recovery. When fighting against addiction and working towards changing life habits for good it is incredibly reassuring to keep a positive attitude. Anytime someone brings you down or life goes against you it can really help to remember that outside powers do not define your happiness.

In the end it is up to you to react to what happens to you and choose how you are going to cope with the situation.

It is important to remember that chasing quantum sunshine does not mean that you have to eliminate feelings like sadness, frustration, and anger out of your life. These feelings are necessary, you just need to remember while you are feeling these things that there is far more positivity than negativity in your life.

The key is working to make feelings of sadness, frustration, and anger fleeting and easier to deal with. As you get closer and closer to achieving quantum sunshine you will notice that you are able to better accept and learn from your negative feelings because you know that happy feelings are right around the corner. Learning from these negative feelings instead of overreacting or stifling them will help you grow as a person, which in turn will allow you to get even closer to quantum happiness.

Great, so we have established that quantum happiness is a positive, but it all sounds easier said than done. So how exactly should you work towards quantum sunshine?


Actively Acknowledge Happiness

The most important thing on your journey to achieving quantum sunshine is to simply acknowledge when you are happy. Many people dwell on negative emotions and ignore positive emotions without even realizing it. By taking the time to slow down and acknowledge your positive feelings you will give yourself the opportunity to notice that even now you probably have more happy feelings than you think.

The idea of this is difficult for some people. If you are having trouble appreciating the good times there are a few activities that will help you quantify your positive feelings.

For many people journaling and writing down their feelings after a day or a week helps them become closer to all of their emotions equally. You can also try meditation or rewarding yourself when you notice a positive feeling.


Process Negative Emotions

Weirdly enough, taking time to think about and truly process your negative emotions will help you achieve more happiness. If you can figure out how to embrace and understand your negative emotions you will be able to keep a more rational perspective on life as a whole.

When you think about your frustrations or sadness and acknowledge what is causing them you can then work to avoid that feeling in the future in a healthy way. If the feelings came from something you can control then you can work to avoid that situation in the future. Meanwhile if the cause of your feelings are completely out of your control then you can acknowledge that life swings that way no matter what. This understanding will allow you to move on from the feelings in a time appropriate manner.


Prioritize Happiness

Now that you have worked on both acknowledging and understanding emotions both positive and negative, it is time to actively prioritize your happiness. Prioritizing happiness means you actively make life choices that will lead to a happier you.

Luckily you have already taken a giant step in this direction by embarking on a life of recovery. Actively fighting against your addiction will be a long journey but it will end in you being healthier and happier. As you continue to prioritize happiness the choices you make will seem far more inconsequential than choosing a life of sobriety, but you have to remember that when all the small choices are combined they add up to a large amount of your life.


Chasing Quantum Sunshine

To achieve quantum sunshine you must come to terms with your feelings and prioritize your own happiness. Once you do this you will be able to slowly start seeing the perpetual happiness that shines through all of life’s difficulties and setbacks.

This sunshine will be dim at first but will grow stronger and stronger as you continue to reflect and grow as a person. In the end this abstract idea comes down to staying focused on the positives in life and remembering that things will always get better.

Everyone gets to this point in their life differently so no matter the setbacks do your best to stay positive and keep working to find your version of quantum sunshine.