Using Social Media to Beat an Addiction


Battling any form of addiction can bring on many trials. It is best to face these trials with those who understand you. When deciding on an addiction treatment, don’t rule out social media. Social media allows us to connect with everyone and anyone around the world. It can be used as vision of hope during […]

The Cost of Heroin

­­­In addiction to heroin presents a very real and very difficult challenge to overcome, both for the user and those who care for the addict. Although the financial cost of heroin will vary from user to user, the emotional cost is far greater than any amount of money spent on the addiction.  Let’s explore some […]

Heroin Treatment

Heroin Treatment And Intervention If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to heroin, the time to intercede is immediately. Anyone who watches an individual go through the pain of addiction hopes that he or she will take the initiative to seek help, but that is not true in all situations. When a […]

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment : A Few Useful Tips Men and women who are in the recovery stages of addiction are often part of intense outpatient treatment. Inpatient programs are not the only way to treat an addiction. Although it may be a great challenge to change dangerous behaviors that have been ingrained for years, effective outpatient treatment […]

Recovery From Addiction

                    Recovery Recovery from addiction is a process that is different for every individual.  That said, there are some general “rules” that apply to most everyone fighting addiction.  Nobody says that you need to change every aspect of your life in order to live an addiction-free life.  There are just a few areas in which […]

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment can take many forms and the method in which you approach it varies based on numerous factors. The first step in treatment is deciding to make a change.  This is a huge step for most people and a complicated one as well.  The changes that will ensue once you have decided to get […]

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Addiction treatment is a multi-step process with varying success rates depending on the method chosen. Next Level Recovery is a leader with groundbreaking treatments. Withdrawal symptoms are often the number one cause of relapse for those trying to get sober.  Medically supervised detoxification programs are designed to help the addict slowly wean them off of […]


PTSD in Recovery Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not just for those returning from military service.  Anyone can suffer the effects at any age.  Not everyone with PTSD has been through a “dangerous” event.  Many experience symptoms after a close friend or family member experiences danger or is harmed in some way.  Recovering heroin users […]

Trauma Treatment

Trauma Treatment The majority of addicts have experienced previous trauma and, in fact, most suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Establishing and incorporating some sort of trauma treatment is the best path to recovery.  Historically, trauma treatment options for these folks has presented a bit of a quandary.  Many experts opine that the PTSD treatment […]

Strength Based Treatment

Strength Based Treatment Strength based treatment for those in recovery can be a challenging and rewarding experience.  We have already touched on the many benefits of exercise in recovery and the strength building aspect simply accentuates those efforts.  As we talked about, exercise creates real change in the brain.  It impacts cravings and can be […]