Social Media

“Reach Out with Social Media” The Bell system coined the advertising phrase “reach out and touch someone” in 1979, and this idea is so important on a path of growth and recovery. In addiction, we isolate from others; in recovery we reach out to others through social media.

Heroin Treatment

Heroin Treatment And Intervention If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to heroin, the time to intercede is immediately. Anyone who watches an individual go through the pain of addiction hopes that he or she will take the initiative to seek help, but that is not true in all situations. When a […]

Reset your thoughts

Reset your thoughts There are times on our treatment and recovery journey when our own mind can be our worst enemy and you just want to reset your thoughts. Just when we believe we are on the right path, negative thinking can invade and destroy everything we have tried to build up.   Sobriety and freedom […]

Recovery From Addiction

                    Recovery Recovery from addiction is a process that is different for every individual.  That said, there are some general “rules” that apply to most everyone fighting addiction.  Nobody says that you need to change every aspect of your life in order to live an addiction-free life.  There are just a few areas in which […]

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Addiction treatment is a multi-step process with varying success rates depending on the method chosen. Next Level Recovery is a leader with groundbreaking treatments. Withdrawal symptoms are often the number one cause of relapse for those trying to get sober.  Medically supervised detoxification programs are designed to help the addict slowly wean them off of […]

Addiction & the family

 Addiction It is no secret addiction affects not only the addict, but also their families and friends.  Essentially anyone close to the addict, motivated to offer support and help, can be impacted.  There are numerous places anyone can turn to get help.  In the end, it is almost all about education and involvement.  As you […]

Physical Activity

Physical activity for addiction recovery is clearly very beneficial and is certainly not a new concept.  While exercise is overwhelmingly beneficial for everyone, it becomes more about maintaining a reduced stress load than fitting into a pair of skinny-jeans for those in recovery. Outside of the physical benefits, physical activity in addiction recovery is known […]

One Step at a Time

Taking One Step at a Time toward a Sober Future My favorite thing about walking into town, rather than driving, is that I can only take one step at a time in order to reach my destination. I can look around and enjoy the sights or I can talk to a companion along the way […]

Wasted Time

Redefine Wasted Time as Learning Time Users often refer to using or drinking as “getting wasted.” When they are actively drinking or use, getting wasted seems cool. Later on, as they head out on the road toward sobriety, they often see the time they spent getting wasted as wasted time that they wish they could get […]