Recovery and Community


Having a reliable community is critical for the rehabilitation of addicts. Find your community at Next Level Recovery today.

Drug Overdose


The number of people dying from drug overdose continues to rise. Make a change and find a drug rehab center near you.



Planning can help you prioritize aspects of your life to make it more manageable. Plan some of these important parts of your life to continue to improve after drug rehab.

Social Media

“Reach Out with Social Media” The Bell system coined the advertising phrase “reach out and touch someone” in 1979, and this idea is so important on a path of growth and recovery. In addiction, we isolate from others; in recovery we reach out to others through social media.

The Cost of Heroin

­­­In addiction to heroin presents a very real and very difficult challenge to overcome, both for the user and those who care for the addict. Although the financial cost of heroin will vary from user to user, the emotional cost is far greater than any amount of money spent on the addiction.  Let’s explore some […]

Heroin Treatment

Heroin Treatment And Intervention If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to heroin, the time to intercede is immediately. Anyone who watches an individual go through the pain of addiction hopes that he or she will take the initiative to seek help, but that is not true in all situations. When a […]

Reset your thoughts

Reset your thoughts There are times on our treatment and recovery journey when our own mind can be our worst enemy and you just want to reset your thoughts. Just when we believe we are on the right path, negative thinking can invade and destroy everything we have tried to build up.   Sobriety and freedom […]

Structured Recovery

A Few Useful Things About Structured Recovery As an individual moves along in his or her treatment journey, important decisions in this structured recovery will need to be made in regards to relationships, living situations, and old habits. The type of environment you choose to be a part of after treatment can make all the […]

Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment can take many forms and can treat many different types of addiction.  Generally we tend to think of addictions being related to drugs and/or alcohol.  Treatment of addictions to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, crystal meth, alcohol, inhalants and prescription drugs must all be tailored to the specific substance.  Many substances have varied withdrawal symptoms […]

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment can take many forms and the method in which you approach it varies based on numerous factors. The first step in treatment is deciding to make a change.  This is a huge step for most people and a complicated one as well.  The changes that will ensue once you have decided to get […]