Staying Sober This Summer

With summer approaching and festivities on everyone’s schedule, now is an important time to learn how to stay sober and celebrate sobriety. Whether this will be your first summer sober or twentieth, reminding yourself of the importance of your clear state of mind will prove to be invaluable.

It’s easy to surround yourself with supportive people at an alcohol rehab facility, but once you return to normal daily life in Salt Lake City, things can feel different. To help, Next Level Recovery is happy to share some tips — it might take knowing a couple easy tricks or some extra steps to help stay sober this summer.

Get Active and Treat Your Body Like the Temple It Is

While addiction recovery can sometimes feel like more of a mental battle than a physical one, your sobriety benefits your body too. This summer, we recommend that you take advantage of the good weather and longer days to engage in healthy exercise.

Whether you set goals of learning how to ride a bike or of running a marathon, having a good reason to respect your body and treat it like a temple will keep healthy habits in your life and substance abuse out.

Think Outside the Box with Plans

It doesn’t take a creative mind to plan on getting drinks at the bar, so we encourage you to think outside the box when making plans. Whether you want to go see a concert or plan a trip to the zoo, there are plenty of ways to engage with friends in a safe and comfortable setting. With a clear creative mind, socializing never has to be a pathway back to alcohol addiction.

Have Fun With Non-Alcoholic Drinks

There’s something unquestionably satisfying about a cold drink on a hot summer’s day, but there’s no need for alcohol to stay refreshed. Lemonade and other juices help you cool off, but getting creative with some “mocktails” can help you feel even cooler. Getting creative with combinations of juices, seltzers and fun summer flavors can help you stay exciting with your drinks without needing to put your sobriety at risk.