Addiction in College

Addiction can start in college. Be sure you are making smart, responsible choices.

The Season of Increased Drug Use

It is finally summer. The weather has warmed up and people are enjoying the hot sunshine by being outside. There are so many fun activities to look forward to these next few months and it’s important to recognize which ones will provide an increased temptation for drug use.

In order to avoid going to a drug rehab facility in Salt Lake City this summer, know what is going on this summer and why the prove to be more dangerous for someone recovering from an addiction.

Music Festivals

Summer is the time to have your windows down and your music blasting. Music is everywhere during the summer, meaning there are music festivals galore. Music festivals can be an incredible experience to make strong connections with music and people. However, drug use is also an expectation that many music festivals are susceptible to.

Summer Parties

In addition to music festivals, there is also the overabundance of parties. Whether parties are during the day at someone’s swimming pool or at night in a backyard, they happen all the time in the summer. Parties are an awesome opportunity to get together with friends and hang out, but often times, alcohol and even drugs become present, which makes it hard to turn them down when all your friends are participating.


Getting up in the mountains is great because you not only get to see the beauty of the natural world, but you get some serious exercise. What is better than getting fresh air with your group of friends? Nothing, unless drugs are present ­– then things get dangerous. You are in nature; you can get high enough off the beauty of that alone without needing any other substances present.

Don’t let substance abuse or drug addiction consume your summer. Knowing what activities are prone to drugs and alcohol is the best way to make sure you can stay safe this summer and not be tempted by any unwanted urges.

High School Athletes and the Opioid Epidemic

In America, we are currently experiencing a drug problem larger than we have ever seen in history. From 2010 to 2016, there was a recorded 493 percent increase in people diagnosed with opioid use disorders. Facing this crisis as a country has been increasingly difficult because of the stigma attached to getting help with drug addiction and the pain that Americans feel.

In 2011, about 100 million adults in the U.S. were diagnosed with chronic pain. These Americans were prescribed pills such as Percocet and OxyContin. These drugs fell into the hands of high school athletes. With 15-year-olds feeling the stress of school, contact sports and other outside factors, popping a pill to numb the pain becomes an easy escape.

The Stats

Eighty percent of heroin addictions have reported having started with a prescription addiction. Seventeen thousand people die annually from painkiller overdose. One in six high school students took medicine from a prescription that was not written to them. Substance abuse among high school students is at an all-time high, and for these high impact sports such as football, wrestling, swimming and baseball, these substances are a way out of pain. With white male football players being at the highest risk, these kids may seem like athletes with a ferocious work ethic to never let their team down but are struggling with addiction.

The Reality

Many of these students are not receiving these pills from drug dealers or on the black market, they are being handed them by their doctors. These drugs will become the release of dopamine in the brains of teens, which becomes extremely addictive for a stressful period of time. While our government and communities are begging to grapple with the epidemic of opioids, drug addiction treatment is becoming less taboo and more widely accepted.

Signs of Substance Abuse

Know the signs of substance abuse so you can help a friend or a loved one.

How to Structure Your Environment in Early Addiction Recovery

Seeking help when recovering from addiction takes both courage and strength. It is a life-changing decision. Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment center located in Salt Lake City that will help you transition from dependency to a healthy, substance-free life. Because Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment center, clients are not only able to live at home and continue their current work schedule, but also seek help for substance abuse.

It is important to structure your environment in early addiction recovery so relapses don’t occur. It will also help you find a routine and create consistency during addiction treatment.

Simplify Your Schedule

It is important to be sure you aren’t overwhelming yourself. If you have so many things to do such as chores, assignments and tasks, you may feel depressed or upset when you are unable to complete everything.  This may cause pressure and create an easy excuse to relapse. Create a simple schedule that consists of only the essentials. By doing this for the first couple of weeks, it will help you get back into a routine.

Clear the Clutter Around You

This is an easy way to create structure in your environment. Whether it is around the house or at work, it is important to clear the clutter around you. This is where you spend most of your time. You will want to make it an inviting environment by keeping it clean and organized. Start with your room. Be sure all clothes and shoes are picked up and organized. Vacuum the room to make it extremely fresh. Move on to the other rooms you spend a significant amount of time in and be sure they are inviting as well.

Make a List of Goals

Make a list of goals will help structure a healthy environment for you. Make a list of goals you want to achieve within the next week, month, year, five years and 10 years. This will help you create short-term and long-term goals. Creating a list of goals will help you stay motivated to stay sober and continue in addiction treatment.

Pay Attention to Your Diet, Sleep and Activity

A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone but especially important for those trying to maintain sobriety. Taking care of yourself is important when creating a healthy, structured environment. Getting a good rest, eating good nutritional food and exercising regularly will help you recover during addiction treatment. It will help during the early days of recovery when you are feeling down on yourself. If you keep your body healthy and keep up these healthy habits, it will be easier to maintain sobriety.

These are a couple of ways to structure your environment during addiction treatment. It is important to focus on yourself and what is best for you. Cater some of these ideas to fit your lifestyle best and continue on the path to recovery.

When Is it Time to Get Help With Addiction

In America, more than 22.7 million individuals need treatment for substance abuse. Addiction is hard physically and emotionally. However, before getting diagnosed with an actual addiction, whether it’s an alcohol addiction or drug addiction, it can be difficult to know when is the right time to get help.

Whether you tried drugs out for the first time because of curiosity, because of your friends, or to alleviate problems such as stress, anxiety or depression, it’s never too late, or too early for a drug addiction treatment.

Here at Next Level Recovery, our treatment programs are designed to be customized to the individual needs of those involved with addiction. Although it may be hard to take the first step in treating your addiction, it’ll definitely be worth it in the long run.

You’ve Tried, and Then Failed

If you’ve tried to cut down your using on your own, but just couldn’t do it, it may be time for you to go get help. This means that your body is physically addicted to the substance, and without proper help and support, it may be very difficult and dangerous to stop. Don’t be ashamed, be proud of the positive steps your taking by acknowledging your weaknesses and go get help.

You’ve Lied About it

You might feel as if partaking in drugs or alcohol is your own personal choice, and other’s don’t have a right to know about it. However, even though you might not think it, addiction affects everyone around you. If you’ve caught yourself lying about using money or your time, go seek help.

Your Loved Ones Have Asked you to Stop

Although addiction may seem like a personal matter, your choices are affecting everyone around you. Because of physical and emotional side effects from addiction, you may be negatively affecting your loved ones. If the people you know best ask you to stop using, carefully consider their points of view and get more information on a drug rehab center. If those close to you are concerned, you should be too.

At Next Level Recovery, we want you to be able to fight addiction in a positive experience leaving you connected, empowered and clean.

Identifying Bad Habits Early

Watching a friend or loved one fall into an addiction can be painful — heartbreaking — to witness. However, there are many cases in which this process is long and slow, and with appropriate intervention can be stopped before it becomes even more serious. Here at Next Level Recovery, we have seen so many unique individuals who have all manifested addiction differently.

However, there are several habits that come up more often than others, which are all critical indicators of substance abuse. By knowing what these bad habits are and how to identify them early, you might be able to help rescue a friend or loved one from the firm grasp of addiction.


One very common habit that people who are moving towards addiction develop is isolating themselves from friends and family. Their isolation might occur for a number of reasons. Perhaps they feel like they want to hide their behavior from loved ones because of the stigma surrounding addiction, or perhaps the substance is giving them heightened anxiety, depression or paranoia.

Unhealthy Friendships

Drug addiction can often lead to new, unhealthy friendships. This should be particularly noticeable in a small community like we have here in Salt Lake City. If you notice a friend of yours joining a new social circle, and feel like the new friends might be bad influences, don’t hesitate to say something about it. Rather than dropping your friend, now is more important than ever to reach out and make a connection.


If you spend a lot of time with a person, one of the most visible signs of addiction is having cravings — particularly for the substance. If you notice this person significantly increasing their desire to partake in the use of a substance, they might be slowly but surely developing an addiction. At their worst, it might take drug addiction treatment to minimize these cravings but a recovery center like Next Level Recovery can provide the resources and comfortable environment to help.


Tips for Improving Self-Control During Recovery

Self-control is a key element when going through any type of recovery. Alcohol addiction can plague anyone from Salt Lake City to the City That Never Sleeps. Having self-control during your recovery process will make recovering easier, especially when it comes to saying no. Here are a few things that will help improve your self-control during recovery.

Plan Ahead

To strengthen your self-control, make sure to plan ahead for tricky situations. For example, if you are heading to a party or social gathering where alcohol will be served, have an escape plan. Your options may be bringing a friend who is aware of your addiction and is willing to help you avoid drinking or coming up with a few responses prior to the event that you can say to those who are offering you a drink. You can even pour your own non-alcoholic drink such as a Sprite, fruit punch or club soda with a lime, this will limit the chances of someone offering you a drink.

Practice Self-Control

Similar to how exercising can improve your muscles, practicing your self-control can improve your willpower. You shouldn’t only practice self-control when it comes to your alcohol addiction. Apply it to other parts in your life like your eating habits, leisure time and the habit of procrastinating. Practicing your self-control throughout your life can make it easier to say no to alcohol.


Mediating during your alcohol addiction can improve your self-control. The art of meditation is the clearing of the mind, soul and focusing on accomplishing a set goal. You are able to focus on saying no and starting the journey to your recovery. Meditation also relieves stress, boosts your immune system and makes you more aware of your own mind and body.

The chances of relapse during recovery decrease once you become aware of your own self-control.

Alcoholism in College

College is often pegged as a time for experimentation whether that is with sexuality, drugs or alcohol. Some students who grew up with really strict parents view college as a time to branch out and be free. That being said, some college students don’t always make the best decisions as they discover themselves. For many, substance abuse can be a major issue during those early college years.

Why Does It Happen?

When students move out, they experience freedom for the first time because they don’t have someone watching their every move. Students think that peer pressure only happened in high school, but it is still a thing in college. College students peer pressure differently. Most students respect you if you decide not to drink, but when you do decide to drink, that’s when the pressure happens.

Drinking Games

Drinking games are one of the top reasons for substance abuse at college parties. You’ve probably heard of beer pong, boom cup and flip cup. All of these games intend for you to drink a lot of alcohol in a short period of time. Along with drinking games, friends pressure you to chug a beer or to finish a drink faster. They don’t mean to pressure you, it just happens because that’s the goal of going out – to get drunk.


Continuous heavy drinking can cause many issues. You could do poorly in classes because you decided to go to the bars instead of study. Everyone knows that when you drink, you risk injuring yourself. You have seen way too many people stumble out of the bar because they can’t even walk straight, eventually to fall down and bruise themselves. Sexual assault is another unfortunate consequence that can happen if you drink to the point of blacking out. Some people might not even remember they were a victim.

College is a great time to experience life and everything it has to offer. Be careful with excessive drinking in college because it could lead to alcohol addiction down the road.



The Truth About Cocaine: How it Hurts You

Even if you haven’t ever struggled with substance abuse, you’ve probably heard of cocaine, or crack — as they call it on the street. Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs out there, yet millions of Americans still use it. This is a huge problem. In fact, cocaine is responsible for more visits to the emergency room than any other illegal drug.

Like many other drugs, cocaine gives you a high that doesn’t last. After the high, there are a handful of negative side-effects to using cocaine. You could even die. For your own safety, avoid cocaine at all costs and if you find yourself trapped in its addictive chains, enroll in drug rehab.thetruthaboutcocaine-01-1