Misuse of Adderall On The Rise

Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These are stimulants that affect the brain and nerves to help control hyper activity and impulses. Adderall is easily abused and highly addictive. College students take this to help them study. Students are able to concentrate better and their alertness is increased. The amphetamine in Adderall makes it addictive. Those who use this drug in a large dose or too frequently can easily become addicted. If you, or someone you know suffers from drug addiction, find a treatment program that works best for them.


Ways to Gain Forgiveness

Drug abuse will take so much more than you realize. It will take your ability to choose, communicate and interact with others. You are lucky if the only kind of pain you ever experience is physical because the emotional trauma from a drug addiction will drown you and everyone you ever cared about. However, your addiction will not define you unless you let it. You take what has happened to you and use your experience to help and empower others.

This will not be easy but the path of recovery never is.  Recovering patients often find that seeking forgiveness from others is one of the hardest parts of healing. Don’t let this discourage you because in the end all you can do is ask for forgiveness from those you hurt to truly set yourself free. Here are some ways to gain forgiveness. methodsforforgivness-01

Top Hikes in Utah

Utah is a great place to get out to explore and hike. From easy half-mile hikes to strenuous 14-mile hikes, Utah has everything in between. Hiking is a good form of outdoor therapy for those recovering from drug addiction. Being in nature can help form connections with the world and other people. Travel down South to see some beautiful red rock and the famous Delicate Arch, or find a beautiful view of the Salt Lake Valley. It is summer time and the perfect time to hike. Grab a friend and get outside to experience the beautiful landscape of Utah!


Natural Remedies to Use Instead of Painkillers

After conquering your addiction, in a perfect world, you’d never be faced with a new temptation . Your hard work wouldn’t go to waste, because you would be strong enough to say no to everything that might push you to relapse.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. In real life, we are only human. After we get on the right track and complete our addiction treatment, the reality is that there may come another time where we feel chronic pain and need something to help us manage it.

If you don’t want to bring another substance into your life, natural remedies may be the best option for your minor pain management. Always consult with your doctor before taking anything new.naturalremediesinsteadofpainkillers-01

The Season of Drug Abuse

Don’t let substance abuse or drug addiction consume your summer.

Which Personality Types Make Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is different for everyone who goes through it. Each person has a unique set of personality traits that might make it harder or easier to recover from addiction. Addiction treatment will help people identify which personality traits are holding them back.

People who tend to hold onto grudges are not likely to move past addictive tendencies, especially when it comes to forgiving themselves. Those who do not like committing to rules or placing restrictions on habits are going to find it difficult to overcome addiction.

Whether you’re just barely trying to curb your addiction or you’ve been fighting it for years, it’s important to know how your personality can actually help you recover from addiction.


How to Identify Alcoholism

Do you know how identify alcoholism?

Parents Are Supplying Drugs to Their Kids Without Realizing It

Many parents in Salt Lake City believe that marijuana is a gateway to drug addiction. Although marijuana may be a gateway to harder drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin, kids are getting a taste of what it feels like to be high way before pot is introduced, and the parents are supplying it.

The Drugs in Your Home

Household items like computer keyboard cleaners (compressed air), paint thinners, nail polish remover and other aerosols, gases, nitrites and volatile solvents pose as potential drug inhalants. These inhalants are growing more popular among middle schoolers and teens because of the easy access. Although many not categorize inhaling household products as a drug addiction, they have the same addictive qualities.

At Next Level Recovery, we want the best for you and your children, which is why it’s important to be familiar with new ways that kids are getting high. Inhalant abuse is an epidemic today and lack of knowledge is why it’s a continuous problem. Physicians and law enforcement officials often can’t detect when one is abusing.

The Signs

If your child shows signs of frequent sneezing, drowsiness, vomiting, smells like chemical odors or has paint or other stains on the face, hands or clothing, they may be abusing your household products. A national survey shows that almost 22.3 million Americans have used inhalants at least once in their lives, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 14.9 percent of eighth graders have used inhalants.

Abusing household products should be seen as a drug addiction because of the dangerous effects on the body. If the inhalant is highly concentrated, your child could suffer damage in the brain, heart, kidneys, the liver and even death.

To prevent your child from accessing this gateway drug, talk with your child about the potential risks. Getting high off household inhalants may not seem as problematic as other drugs but their effects are one in the same.



The Dangers of Teen Marijuana Use

Many people in addiction treatment programs admit to have been introduced to addiction through the use of marijuana in their teen years. This isn’t exactly a new development.

Because the practice is seen as something that is highly recreational and incorrectly viewed as having low risk, teens often find themselves exposed to marijuana quite often. The truth is marijuana (and other “soft” drugs) have many health risks.


If we do not educate our youth about the dangers of marijuana use, we may find it difficult to cope with the number of teens that become addicted to even more dangerous drugs.


Three Things to Do Instead of Drugs

If you suffer from a drug addiction, it can sometimes be hard to focus on things fully because of the voice in your head that keeps your mind focused on your drug of choice.

There are a lot of fun and enjoyable things you can do that to take your mind off and away from drugs. Don’t let substance abuse land you in a rehab center in Salt Lake City. Here are three things you can do instead of drugs. You just have to find what best suits you.

Go on a Hike

Getting outside is one of the best ways to release excess energy and open your eyes to see things differently — more beautifully. Leave all the negative thoughts behind with each step you take. As you climb higher up the mountain you get farther away from reality and get to see things from a new perspective – literally.

Learn How to Paint

There is nothing that requires more attention than learning how to do something new. Painting acts as a medium with which you can express yourself however you please. Not only does it require you to pay very close attention to detail, but it also requires that you see each piece through until the end. This teaches dedication and responsibility to finish what you start.

Read a Good Book

Getting lost in a good book is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Reading takes you out of the world you live in and puts you in a whole new one. Nothing can take your mind off of reality better than a book can. Let yourself be submerged by different worlds that books offer you. You might come out of them with changed outlook on life.

Whatever it is that you choose to do put your whole self into it. It won’t be as effective at taking your mind off of substances if you only commit half way. If you or someone you know struggle with addiction, call Next Level Recovery today to learn how else we can help.