The Season of Increased Drug Use


It is finally summer. The weather has warmed up and people are enjoying the hot sunshine by being outside. There are so many fun activities to look forward to these next few months and it’s important to recognize which ones will provide an increased temptation for drug use. In order to avoid going to a […]

The Direct Link Between Thinking Errors and Addiction

Thinking errors: we all have them. They affect some people more severely than others. Individuals who struggle with substance abuse are particularly vulnerable to turning mild thinking errors into irrational thoughts (known as cognitive errors or distortions). These distorted thought processes lead to intense emotions ranging from excessive hyperactivity/happiness to situationally inappropriate outbursts of anger. […]

Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction The signs of a person struggling with heroin addiction can vary greatly.  Since we are all individuals and have different experiences throughout out lives, we tend to react and behave differently.  That said, there are a

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Addiction treatment is a multi-step process with varying success rates depending on the method chosen. Next Level Recovery is a leader with groundbreaking treatments. Withdrawal symptoms are often the number one cause of relapse for those trying to get sober.  Medically supervised detoxification programs are designed to help the addict slowly wean them off of […]

Wasted Time

Redefine Wasted Time as Learning Time Users often refer to using or drinking as “getting wasted.” When they are actively drinking or use, getting wasted seems cool. Later on, as they head out on the road toward sobriety, they often see the time they spent getting wasted as wasted time that they wish they could get […]